Monthly Celebrity – Robert Stjärnström

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


The purpose of Livegamers monthly celebrity is to reveal the hidden skeletons celebrities might have, meaning what games do they play, why, and do they even play at all?
This time our Monthly Celeb is Robert ”Gaz” Stjärnström, the singer of world known metalband Machinae Supremacy.

The Swedish metal act MACHINAE SUPREMACY has already made their place in history by being one of the first bands to successfully embrace and utilize the internet and filesharing to gain a huge fanbase before ever having signed a record deal, received airplay or any form of sponsored promotion. They´ve reached out to all corners of the world, from Israel and China to the USA and Australia, and today this website has over 100 000 song downloads every month (that´s roughly 650 gigabytes of music being downloaded monthly). Their unique blend of metal, soundtrack and video game music has earned them even more praise and elevation in the underground music scene, and today MACHINAE SUPREMACY receives fanmails from all over the planet on a daily basis.