Pay to be an Idiot on Xbox Live

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


If you already feel like an idiot, fear not! You can now let everyone know the total extent of your idiotism. The smashing fellows at Datel have designed a perfect vehicle to transport your profound stupidity straight to your opponents´ (and team mates´) cerebral over Xbox Live. Enter the Datel Trash Talk for Xbox 360!
By paying only £29,90 (€45) you can purchase this one-way ticket to mute heaven and reap untold amounts of negative feedback. Trash Talk lets you record any sounds, edit them on a PC, and then transfer them to a unit which attaches to the controller. You can assign different lines to different buttons on the Trash Talk unit. Then, with a press of a button, you can be witty and, ultimately, extremely nerdy.

Now, let´s not be too harsh. Of course there are some real uses to this gadget (which I cannot decipher) and Datel is not the only one (evil is contagious, it seems).