Scrambling for Mass Effect Scraps

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


BioWare has dropped some Mass Effect scraps for the salivating Xbox 360 gamers all over the world. On the game´s official website they have released some information on a race called the quarians.
According to the information the quarians wear a whole suit of survival gear, so nobody knows what they look like. Some think that the quarians could be cybernetic in origin, and other believe that they need the suit because of their living enviroments. The quarians are also responsible for creating the geth, that plague the galaxy. The geth rebelled against their creators and drove them off their homeworld. The quarians have since lived as galactic nomads. Little respect is shown towards the quarians – the other species in the galaxy regard them as scavengers and blame them for releasing the dangerous geth on the galaxy.

BioWare also released a new screenshot, that features a quarian. You can see it below.