Two Worlds Challenges Oblivion

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SouthPeak Interactive has announced that its massive, open-ended role-playing game Two Worlds will be coming to Xbox 360. The release date is still open, but it will presumably be sometime this Spring. Will Two Worlds challenge Oblivion as the genre-defining console RPG?
If all the hype turns out to be true, Two Worlds might be the best console RPG ever. The player is promised an unsurpassed feeling of freedom, since the world where you adventure is yours to experience as you see fit. You can shape the world according to your whim, and at the same time shape the story as you go. The character development is said to be unlimited and the combat fierce. You can test the results of good and evil deeds, and see which suits your playing style best.

And there is a multiplayer mode as well. Did you ever dream of playing Oblivion with a group of friends? Well, it´s possible in Two Worlds. The multiplayer mode allows up to 8 people to experience the adventure online via Xbox Live. You can either battle co-operatively or simply fight each other. It´s still unclear wether you´ll be able to play the storyline co-operatively.

The story is a traditionally epic one. You´ll be playing a bounty hunter who is searching for his sister in a world torn by war. It is a setting of contrasts: there are the vicious orc horders searching for the tomb of their divine leader Aziraal, and the civilized races who wish for peace. The hero has to choose sides while being guided by a mysterious stranger.

For more information on Two Worlds, check out the official website.

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