Unreal II ja eXtended MultiPlayer

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Tämän vuoden puolella julkaistava Xbox-versio Unreal II:sta tulee sisältämään laajennetun moninpelituen (XMP), joka puuttui kokonaan aiemmin julkaistusta PC-versiosta.GameSpot on haastatellut peliä kehittävän Legendin Scott Daltonia XMP:n yksityiskohdista.

GS: Vehicles weren´t a part of the Unreal II single-player game, but they´re slated to make an appearance in XMP. How much work has it taken to get vehicles in the game? Has any of the vehicle code for Unreal Tournament 2004 been used?
SD: Vehicles have a great impact on the feel of any game, so we´ve been careful to balance them into the game, while giving them a unique flavor. For example, you can pull off some pretty crazy stunts with them due to the turbo burst. There´s also a visceral thrill to hitting an enemy with the grinders on the front of the Raptor and seeing the fountains of blood spew from the gutblowers on the side.
GS: How large are the maps, and how many players will the PC version of XMP support? We´ve heard that the Xbox´s multiplayer may support up to 16 players. Has this had any effect on how the XMP design has been developed for that version?
SD: The PC version supports up to 32 players, which is very intense. There hasn´t been much difference between the Xbox and PC versions insofar as number of players in concerned, because the game is a lot of fun in smaller matches as well. Internally, we generally have the team jumping in for three-on-three or four-on-four matches, and these are a blast.

Eli ajoneuvoja ja maksimissaan 16 pelaajan matseja on luvassa. Koko haastattelu löytyy allaolevan linkin takaa.