Xbox 360 Invading China?

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Recently there has been some reports from inside-sources of the gaming industry, that Microsoft would soon be releasing its Xbox 360 console in China. Microsoft has been reportedly enquiring local retailers and Internet operators about cooperation for a few months now.
Getting one´s merchandise to the Chinese market is not simple, since all entertainment must be formally accepted by China´s culture and information ministry. The ministry goes through all games and gives them its blessings if the contents are thought to be non-harmful. According to the source, an exact release date cannot be given, as the regulators´ views on the console and its software are uncertain.

The Chinese game market is nowadays dominated mostly by PC´s online games and Sony´s Playstation 2. Xbox 360 is to meet serious competion from PS2 on the console front as the latter has already been on the market for three years – the PC on the other hand should continue its dominance because of its lower pricing. Florian Pihs, the vice-president of the analyst firm Analysys, says that Microsoft also aims to develop the Chinese software development community.

It is however yet uncertain how Microsoft is going to combat China´s wild-blooming piracy. According to Pihs, piracy can be controlled by improving software copy-protection or by rethinking the pricing of the console, although higher prices would obviously affect the console´s sales.