Xbox 360 rumours and predictions

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Various sources have reported that a new pricing policy for Xbox 360 as well as enhanced Xbox Live features and new Live arcade games are on their way.
Rumours suggest that Xbox 360 Premium and Core systems will have a massive 90 euros price drop in Europe, which means that the newly priced Premiums would cost only about 300-320 euros per unit where Core systems drop to approximately 200 euros per unit. Microsoft hasn´t officially announced any price cuts, but Microsoft is surely well aware of Nintendo´s and Sony´s pricing policy for their new consoles and therefore they have to take the present Xbox 360 pricing policy for serious consideration.

One of the most expected Xbox 360 titles, Gears of War will be launched near November-December with a massive marketing campaign. The launch date is strategically placed near PS3´s launch to steal attention from Sony´s launch titles.

Halo 3 will probably see it´s daylight in spring 2007 and therefore won´t make it for christmas sales. Xbox 360´s launch title Kameo will have it´s sequel and according to the rumours, Microsoft has a secret GTA-style game in developement which they´ll probably announce in the E3 expo next month.

Other rumours indicate that a HD DVD drive will be available for Xbox 360 next fall with a 100 euros price tag. X360 will also have a new 100 Gb hard drive, though it´ll be sold seperately and not included in the Premium package.

New Xbox Live features will allow you to download games and trailers while playing. Your friendlist will have 100 additional spots (making it 200 in total) and 50 new additions will be added to the backwards compatibility list for original Xbox titles.

All aforementioned subjects are based on rumours from various sources, but it´s likely that some of them will be actualized. After next month´s E3 event, we´ll surely know more facts than fiction.